What is an SOP?!

SOP = Standard Operating Procedure.

~That means, a step by step guide of how you do something in your business. It is NOT a task list. It is not WHAT you need to do; it is HOW you do it.  

I don’t know about you, but I have heard a lot about SOPs in the Amazon selling community lately. A lot of successful sellers are commenting about how it is SO important to have SOPs. We agree!  

It occurred to me during a conversation with a new seller that not everyone understands what the term SOP exactly means and WHY it is so vital to have SOPs. It is not just important, but essential if you are serious about your business. Every successful business is successful because of their SOPs. 

Take BOOST juice, for example, you know your favourite juice, you know how to order it, you know to wait for your name to be called and then you see that delicious beverage poured into your cup, you grab your straw, and it tastes amazing no matter which store you buy from. This is because of SOPs!  

So why do we need SOPs? 

✅ To understand your business process 

✅ To ensure you and your employees are following the process the same way 

✅ To be able to review your processes and make changes or streamline 

✅ To be able to delegate processes to team members or VA with confidence that it will be done correctly.

✅ To give your business foundation & structure 

✅ Increase the value, scalability, and sale-ability of your business. 

✅ Most importantly to give you more time!  

An excellent SOP should cover 

1️⃣ When the process should be done 

2️⃣ By whom 

3️⃣ Which processes it is linked to

4️⃣ How is it done 

5️⃣ When completed, how you determine it was successful. 

Do you intend on doing EVERY little thing in your business forever? How will you manage this as your business grows?  Or would you love to delegate yourself out of your business one day? Even sell your business one day?!  

I hope this has helped get you inspired to start documenting your processes.  With zonops, you can upload your current documents, create your checklists there and delegate to yourself what needs to be done and when. Having something to go back to and build on for the next time you do these processes WILL increase your success and help you delegate and scale your business.    

THIS is why we built zonops. If you haven’t started, today is the day! We are here to help! Contact us by email, on our chat on our website or through Facebook. Let’s get started! 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zonopsofficial/ 

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter where we will share our tips in creating effective SOPs. 

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