How to delegate yourself out of a job!

Why did you choose to create an online business? If you are like me it would be for the freedom & flexibility of time and ultimately, passive cashflow.  “Passive income” is defined as: of, relating to, or being business activity in which the investor does not actively participate in the generation of income. 

This means you receive the bread without kneading or baking it! To be able to create passive income, you need to delegate yourself out of your business.  

Why don’t you delegate? 

  • Lack of funds to pay employees or outsource? 
  • Lack of trust that someone else can complete the task? 
  • No systems in place? 
  • No time to find or train someone? 

Meanwhile you are running around being everything in your business, bookkeeping, customer service, product research, admin… everything! 

This is fine for the first year or so, however, what is the cost of the money that is taken out of the business in exchange for you doing these tasks? By staying in the simple day to day running, you miss getting to the higher-level work which you are the best person to do. 

So, let’s get you out of the hum drum and into the driver’s seat! 

Firstly, work out what tasks you enjoy the most and what you enjoy the least. What you despair about doing could be someone else’s happy place! Don’t be so selfish… share that bookkeeping! 

Next, work with the person you have delegated to. You could have them write the SOP as they are learning the role to save you time here. (Be sure to revisit our previous posts on how to write an SOP if you need.)

Be clear on the task and the time it is due. Ensure to review every 6-12 months as things are always changing in business and will change as business grows.  

This is our happy place, helping you be better at business! Be sure to book your sessions with Phil to get started on how to make the most of what zonops can do. So don’t be selfish and make sure you keep in touch if you need any assistance in using zonops to get you in the driver’s seat.