How to create SOPs

How to create SOPs: Quickly and easily! 

Here it is! Finally an easy way to document your processes into Standard Operating Procedures for your Amazon business. Last month we established why we need SOPs. Now let’s have a look at how to get started. 

I documented our blog process while writing this article. It took me less than 30-40 mins -And I also created my canva image at the same time! I can now outsource this task that takes me 15-30 mins each day, to our VA (virtual assistant), who will be able to access the task, read the SOP and follow the instructions, giving me back 2 hours a week! Imagine how many other time-consuming tasks we could delegate out! 

Here is how. 

It’s best to write your SOP as you’re doing it so that nothing is missed. You can make an SOP really detailed with many intricacies however we have designed zonops to be tailored to your business. Keep it simple, Sally! We find the following works best and you can fine tune it as you need to and as your business grows. 

Step 1: Begin with the end in mind. 

Determine your goals for your SOPs. Identify: 

  • The process to be documented and what it will and won’t cover (scope)  
  • Who is responsible for the process 
  • Why the task needs to be done (purpose)  
  • When it should be completed  
  • How you know it has been completed successfully. 
Step 2: Ask for input. 

Do you have a business partner or stakeholder like our graphic artist in this instance or perhaps your freight forwarder or supplier who you could ask for input from? Trust me, they will love that you want to know how to make their job easier. It also gives you some reassurance that you are all on the same page and it is documented. 

Step 3: Power up zonops! 

Either watch our video tutorial or follow the instructions provided by the support tab on the lower right of your screen. If any of the language is unfamiliar simply shoot us a message in the help center. (Don’t forget you also have access to 2 hours of free one-on-one support with our experts!) 

Step 4: Write the SOP. 
  • Simple dot points are all you need to start. Get the procedure out of your head and into the platform. You can expand from there when you need to. You could even make a video and upload it if you are really short on time. However, segmented tasks that can be individually edited are recommended so that you don’t need to record a new video whenever a change is made. 
  • Keep your style of formatting and steps consistent. Upload images, attach files, insert links to more info or videos if needed. 
Step 5: Review, test, edit, repeat. 
  • Set a date to review your SOPs (This is easy to do from within zonops!) Things may change over time including the audience reading your SOP. 
  • Test. Have someone go through the steps to see if they can follow correctly, this is a great way to ensure everything is communicated. When dealing with people whom english is their second language, use simple terms (no slang) and try not to abbreviate unless industry specific) 
  • TIP: You could also simply record the task while you’re doing it on video and then hire a VA or have the zonops team (fees apply) complete this for you. The most important thing is to get started! These simple steps will end up saving you loads of time AND create a business that will scale easily and add more value to your sale price when it comes time to sell your business. 

This short video shows you just how easy SOPs are to create in zonops – AND we are here to help you! Just reach out, we would love to get you started.  

See how easy it is for you create SOPs in zonops for you to better manage processes and scale your online business.
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